MEAM: Recipes for this Spoonie to Try.

We love a good recipe. When you have intolerances to wheat, dairy, bananas (!), fresh pineapple, white rice, onions, garlic and have trouble with sugar, you struggle buying ready made things. And, to be honest, I know what goes into homemade food (important for my anorexia brain and why I've always eaten natural) and it tastes so much better anyway. But, being ill also comes up when choosing recipes, it needs to be easy to eat and be full of goodness to help my sick body along. Michael makes 2-3 recipes a week, at least one sweet and one savoury. So, I thought I'd share a few of the recipes that are suitable for my intolerance and being so ill that we'll be giving a go soon. All of these are vegan and gluten free.

1. Bagels

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