MEAM: Round 'Em Up.

Seeing as today is the last day of my M.E. Awareness Month challenge i thought i'd do a little round up and a little ramble especially for you. It's been 31 days of constant posting and trying to keep up with Instagram and Twitter (and failing miserably). Man, am i wiped. When you take into account how ill i am at the moment, posting everyday probably wasn't the best idea, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The end of this month is bitter sweet for me, i loved posting everyday and connecting with you guys but, truthfully, it has made my health decline. Yesterday was a very emotional day for me, i'm pooped after a month of not one good night's sleep, my brain is frazzled and my body is shutting down on me. But, i've done it and boy, am i proud.

I've raised £281 on my Just Giving page and you can still donate which would mean so much to me. All the money you've donated goes to Invest in M.E. who put biomedical research into understanding more about M.E. and hopefully developing a cure to this terrible uncurable disease.

I've written a wide range of posts but there are a few that really got your attention and some that i just really loved writing. The most popular post i wrote was My Life with over 3000 views! I am so pleased that the post got so many views and shares at it was so hard to write and very hard hitting. I have very severe M.E. and life is extremely difficult for me and i'm so glad that i got this across, i've even been told that people want to show it to their Doctor's to show how badly M.E. can affect you. The post is basically just a description of what i go through every day and what it is like to live with severe M.E. And i'd like to say a special thank you to Tom for sharing the hell out of my posts and getting My Life out across the internet. Another post i'd like to mention is my interview with Katharine on living with M.E. and how her life has been over the part 7 years while living with a chronic illness. Katharine has been so supportive of me throughout this challenge and you just have to read our post. The final other post i'd like to specifically share is My Holy Grail, i think it will be extremely useful to other spoonies who rely on the little things to get them through each day. Again, if there's any items that help you survive then please comment and i'll add them in. You can read all of my M.E. Awareness Month posts here on the blog and by going to the archive on the left hand side of the blog and clicking on May. A quick mention that Charlotte from The Tea Drinking English Rose did an interview with me on her blog that you might want to take a peak at. And, Charlotte was absolutely lovely and wanted to understand M.E. better which was really kind.

We also hosted a giveaway and i promised to announce the winner today so well done to Jenny and i hope you love the Box of Sunshine as much as we did! 

I also thought i'd share a few of the things i've enjoyed reading from other M.E. bloggers, as without them i wouldn't have had the inspiration to start this blog and keep at it.
  • First of all, i think you should all go watch Hayley-Eszti and Meg's video Let's Talk About M.E. Unfortunately, i have been too ill and spoonless to watch this video yet but after a little while of proper rest it'll be first on my agenda. I have, however, heard very good things about it so have a watch of these lovely ladies.
  • Faye's lovely boyfriend Jared did a 3 part post series about their lives and finding the right balance between living and living with M.E. It's definitley one worth reading and it's actually quite an easy read too that Michael and i both enjoyed. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.
  • I'm sure all of you in the online M.E. community are aware of the #May12BlogBomb and if not, it was set up by Sally from the blog Just ME to get as many posts on M.E. as possible for M.E. Awareness Day. There is a special May Blog Bomb post linking every single spoonie post written for it so you can have a read about M.E. from many different perspectives. And, well done Sally, for it beeing such a success!
  • Team Princess raised awareness in style when on M.E. Awareness Day many M.E. sufferers dressed up as beautiful princesses to raise awareness. They raised £5858.24 for a huge range of M.E. charities, incredible! Sian, the wonderful Princess who started it all, wrote a post featuring all the princesses that took part, a must read.
  • And last, but by no means least, i thought i'd include Sally's gorgeous Sleeping Beauty look that she did for M.E. Awareness Month when she wasn't well enough to go out and do all the prancy outfit stuff.
  • There was much much more than this going on in M.E. Awareness Month but obviously i can't write them all down. However, i wrote a post called Spoonie Love which includes all my favourite M.E. bloggers, where to find them and a few specific post links.
Thinking about this month makes me very emotional and i know i'll be remembering this month for the rest of my life and constantly redirecting people to all the posts i wrote. I can't say how thankful i am for every single word you've written to me, every tiny donation and every single view that this blog has had throughout this month. If you haven't read some of them, please do bookmark them to read when you have the spoons. And, i'll be replying to every single comment throughout the next few weeks so please check back to see my reply. There's been blood, sweat and tears put into every single word and post i've written, and now it's time for me to rest. There's still time to donate if you can and please don't ever stop reading. This blog is my lifeline and i love you all so much. 


  1. I am so incredibly proud of you Laura. You have done an amazing job this month and I've no doubt that the wonderful posts you have put together will continue to help people for a long time to come. I am sending you the biggest hug in the world and every last bit of energy I have. Rest now and remember how much you have achieved. You're a superstar! Xxx
    PS Jared will be so happy to see his posts mentioned here- thank you!
    PPS I don't have your current address and have a card for you. I know you need to recover now but maybe you could get Michael to send me it when he has a minute :) xxx

  2. Hoping you are both doing okay. I haven't seen you around for a while xx