MEAM: Sexy Stuff.

For those who don't know, for M.E. awareness month (May) I am writing a post, despite my severe illness, every single day. I'm doing this to raise money and awareness for the neurological chronic illness M.E. and the charity Invest in M.E. in the hope that one day we may find a cure. So, I'd really love if you'd head over to my JustGiving page and sponsor me throughout this challenge. Thank you.

 Nan, this one might not be for you.

from series 3 episode 7 of New Girl (source)
First, let me say, I'm terrified of writing this but im'a do it anyway so it will only  be a little post. This is a risky subject but it's one that i'm quite passionate about and one that isn't really talked about much. Sex and chronic illness. Boy oh boy, they do not go hand in hand. But, i personally believe there are ways round everything; Can't wash your hair? Wear a headscarf; Don't have the energy for dessert? Make dessert flavored smoothie; Can't watch TV? Listen to an audiobook... See where i'm going with this? So what, you can't get down and dirty? Has the world forgotten about massages! You need your partner to wash you? Make it more intimate. Just be close all the time. If you're resting let them just put their hand on your thigh, kiss (that's what lips are for right?), it's just the little things. And, if you want, you can progress up to more sexual things. Like Hayley-Eszti says, it really might just make you feel better about yourself. Just be imaginative! Whatever feels right for you. But, also, know your body and don't ever be afraid to say no. Ignore the stigma, what everyone else thinks, and you'll feel better for it. One of my previous twats of a Doctor told me this 'If you're ill enough to be in a wheelchair, then you're too ill to have sex'!!! Would they say that to a terminally ill patient? No. Top tip: when your partner pays you a compliment, take it.


  1. Hell yes! A tricky subject to discuss but one that is important. Sex is just another way to express love, and there is nothing wrong with that, there are ways around it, and each couple will do things differently but just because you are ill, it doesn't mean to say you are not allowed to have fun, both in and outside of the bedroom! Xx

  2. You're right that this isn't spoken about enough! Completely agree that it's so important to work around illness. I think talking openly and honestly about it is so important xxx