MEAM: Where Did They Go?

For those who don't know, for M.E. awareness month (May) I am writing a post, despite my severe illness, every single day. I'm doing this to raise money and awareness for the neurological chronic illness M.E. and the charity Invest in M.E. in the hope that one day we may find a cure. So, I'd really love if you'd head over to my JustGiving page and sponsor me throughout this challenge. Thank you.

I'm sure all of you other poorlys out there understand where i'm coming from when i say having a chronic illness really separates the men from the boys. I know we've all found out that some people can be utterly shit yet others are totally amazing. Unfortunately, i got the shit. Now, i'm left with a much smaller family and very few friends, but i know i can rely on those people no matter what. I always thought i had a huge family and we were all so close but when it came to me not being the one holding it all together it all came crashing down faster than i could say 'Myalgic Encephalomyelitis', see what i did there? Sometimes it really hurts and i want to scream and shout at them all, it's the truth. But, i won't go too far into the bad, my opinion now is that they didn't deserve the love i gave them if when i needed it, after a whole life of doing everything for everyone else, they disappeared. Sucks, but it's the truth.

Yet, i still have my Mum who has shouted at so many Doctors i'm surprised i'm still on the NHS, my Nan who reads everything i write like a trouper, my Pamp who has done everything physical he can to help (even building an awesome headrest for my awful wheelchair), my best friend (more like a brother) who although on the other side of the world is constantly messaging us, his parents who i know i could go to if i really needed to, my bestest gal who always inspires me, understands me completely and keeps my chin up, Katharine who is the most supportive and kind person I've ever had the pleasure to meet, all my other spoonie sisters who are only a text away whenever i need them, and of course my awesome fiancĂ© who just rocks. Thank you guys :)


  1. I totally empathise with this post. I didn't have many friends or a big family but my friends meant the world to me & I would have done (& did) anything for them. Before I was even in a wheelchair my friends had all vanished & over time my family has pulled back. My dad doesn't ever speak to me & acts like I don't even exist, my grandma tries to bribe me to recover & thinks I'm ill because I'm too invested in my wheelchair & my uncle doesn't want to hear anything about my condition because 'it is too depressing'.
    I have an amazing Mum & my brother is super supportive when he is home from uni & of course there are all the amazing spoonies but it seems super surreal that people ditch when you need them the most. I can't think of a single spoonie who would do that, it seems wrong that our friends did exactly that...


  2. It really does show you a different side of people. I'm so sorry that people in your life weren't there when you needed them most- it is a terrible reflection on them and definitely not you. It's wonderful to hear that those closest to you are such a wonderful support network though- that's a real silver lining xxx