Our Story.

That girl up there is Laura, me. And the gorgeous dog is our Izzy. I'm 21, live in my very own little patch of beautiful country in Hampshire and am obsessed with our furry friends. I also have M.E, which you can find more about here, a nasty illness that leaves me stuck in my bed, but I've had Michael to brighten my days for the past 6 years! This little blog was started in May 2013 to support as many people as possible with M.E and add a bit of pizazz to anyone's day. We love sharing recipes, tips, just little updates and anything we can about M.E. Why not stick around and have a read? I know you want to.

Hello there! I'm Michael, Laura's other half, and that up there is me. I'm a geek, carer, baker, comedian (I like to think so, at least) and dog trick extraordinaire. All the photo's? Yep, they're mine and that's my blog job along with coming up with mouth-watering recipes and writing the odd post here and there. The blog has a bit of everything thrown in and we hope you like what comes out the other end, if you do, stay for a while.

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